Customer Comments

"By far the best product that makes file sharing fast and easy. If you currently post files using FTP sites, stop! This application simplifies the whole process in a few easy steps and is secure. FXM is as intuitive as it gets."
- Phill Chevalier, Mobility Electronics

"I use FXM on a daily basis to provide remote users with a simple, fast and secure file transfer solution. Files that wonÂ’t make it through email filters due to extension or size have no problem transferring with FXM. I would recommend FXM to anyone who needs to be able to share files and information."
- Ryan Greget, Cyclone Commerce

"FXM is fast, powerful, and easy to use. I work remotely throughout the week, and FXM allows me to easily and efficiently transfer files, or even whole directories, back and forth from my office to wherever I'm working. This clever solution is much more effective for transferring files or directories than FTP. Thanks for a great product."
- Neil Garrison, PatchLink Corporation